Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth1991 Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth 1996 Oui Avant-Garde a Chance
Burnt Offering To The Bone Idol1992 A Burnt Offering To The Bone Idol 1997 The Answer Machine?
1992 Tracks From The Wilderness (EP) 1998 Outrageous Fourtunes (limited edition)
1993 Jonah's Ark 1999 Vintage Whine
1993 Thinking Allowed? (EP) 1999 Classix Shape (limited edition)
1994 Prince Of A Poverty Line 2000 Folkemon
1995 The Silent Whales Of Lunar Sea 2001 Another Fine Mess
1996 Old Rope (compilation) 2001 Swords Of A Thousand Men
1996 Irrational Anthems 2002 No Daylights... Nor Heel Taps

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